Yard of the Month

The Grogan's Mill Village Association would like to show its appreciation to those homeowners who take care of their yards and homes. Your GMVA board members continually monitor our neighborhoods looking for well maintained lawns and homes.

We would like any residents in Grogans's Mill to tell us who they feel has the nicest yard. You can suggest a neighbor's home or your own. It would help if you would include some digital photos (photos are not nessary) Please note only the front and side of yards that visible from the street are needed. The committee will look at nominated yards & homes and select the winner for each month. The winner will get a $50 gift certificate to a store of their choice in the Grogan's Mill Shopping Center.

To nominate a yard, please include this information:

Home owner(s)
Home address and neighborhood
Your phone number
Your reason for the nomination
Pictures (digital) to support the nomination if possible

E-mail nominations or questions about Yard of the Month to: webmaster@gmva.org

September 2014
Phil & Tina Ulrich of Doe Run

Phil & Tina Ulrich first moved to The Woodlands in 1994, and although they enjoyed their time here, moved away around 2004. They returned in 2008 when Phil retired to their current home. When asked about the "yard work" Phil was quick to respond; "...it's my hobby and I love it...". The yard is beautifully landscaped with a flowing fountain in front of the house. Very tastefully done both front and back yards with a wide variety of color.

Johnny Hennigan found this beautiful yard.
Pictured: Phil and Tina Ulrich

August 2014
Robin and Jenny Fox of Foxtail Place

Two years ago the Fox family relandscaped their entire front yard to include only drought resistant and bird-butterfly-bee friendly plants. The yard is anchored by a huge pink crepe myrtle and includes a graceful Retama Tree, dark purple Pennisetum ‘Princess Caroline’, Little Volcano Bushclover, Dwarf Bottlebrush, Firetail Chenille, Red Yucca and cactus. The yard has a gravel path and rock work. Robin is the gardener and planted the vinca and zinnias for summer color. Thanks Robin and Jenny for all of your hard work planting and maintaining such a beautiful yard.

Marie Brannen found this beautiful yard.

July 2014
Mike and G.G. Krall of North Royal Fern

Mike and G.G. Krall moved to the Woodlands in 2000. Since G.G. was from Louisiana, she was hoping for a home with a Southern Louisiana look to it. She found that look in the house they now live in on Royal Fern. The porch with rockers are a welcome sign to friends and neighbors. The yard has crepe myrtles, azaleas, and a nice big oak tree; all very familiar sights in the south. The color comes from snapdragons, begonias, and dianthus. The gardenias and day lilies are also Southern bloomers. "The Woodlands is where we want to be. The flowers are reminders of where we came from.

Jody Ronzio found this beautiful yard.
Pictured: Jody Ronzio and G.G. Krall

June 2014
Ken and Wendy Corin of South Longspur

June's Yard of the Month Award goes to Ken and Wendy Corin, who live on South Longspur in Grogan's Point. The Corins moved to The Woodlands in 2007 after Ken retired as a VP of Walgreens near Chicago. Ken designed and rebuilt the yard after it was devastated by the drought of 2011.

Bob Leilich found this beautiful yard.
Pictured: Ken and Wendy Corin, Bob Leilich

May 2014
Craig and Terrie Lee
of West High Oaks.

Craig and Terrie Lee moved to West High Oaks in The Woodlands five years ago when their sons graduated from college. The Lees love their home because it reminds them of the storybook cottages in Carmel, CA. The yard was in poor condition when they moved in so they started from scratch. Terrie enjoys flowers and working in the yard. She wants her yard to be a happy place for all who visit.

Pat Goodpastor found this beautiful yard.

April 2014
Nancy Hussey
of South Log Run Circle

Our yard of the month for April goes to Nancy Hussey on South Log Run Circle. This large colorful yard is highlighted by two fountains, a spa in the center of the yard with a large arched iron cover supported by 4 columns, and many other pieces of pottery and art. Nancy Hussey has lived here since July 2010 and she has a passion for gardening. She kept some of the past owner's features but made this yard her own when she added her accents from traveling around the world. She kept the big trees so shade cools the meandering stone walkway that leads me through art and flowers and frogs (she collects them). Both the front and back yard can be seen from the quiet street and both are full of color, yet the back yard holds all the glass and pottery, like the interesting bottle tree that she made, which stands in the far back corner. The yard is covered with small stones as a base, rather than grass - which requires water and does not grow well in the shade. She has Hibiscus, Elephant Ear, Impatients, Azaleas, Roses, Succulents, Sago palms, Mandevilla, Oleander and many more lovely plants and flowers in her yard. She loves Grogans Mill Village and intends to stay here always.

Sara Bissig found this beautiful yard.
Picture: Sally Bowers

October 2013
Bill & Sally Bowers
of West Timberwagon Circle The Woodlands.


Jackie Waters & Christy Collins found this beautiful yard.
Picture: Sally Bowers

September 2013
Jos and Kiek Aarts of Southgate Drive

The Aarts were both born in Holland. After schooling in Austin, Jos joined CB&I for a career lasting 46 years. During that time, they spent many years living in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US before settling down in Grogan's Point in 1998. They have three grown children: Tonya, Eric, and Vincent. Jos and Kiek moved to their present house in 2007 attracted, in part, by the home's beautiful landscaping. Over the years, they worked to enhance it even more. Their love of plants and the outdoors is obvious by the meticulous care they provide to the Knockout Roses, Plumbago, Boxwood, Crepe Myrtle, Mexican Heather, Camellias, Azaleas, and more.

This beautiful yard found by Bob Leilich
Picture: Bob Leilich, Kiek Aarts, Jos Aarts, Franklin Palmer
photo taken by Carolyn Palmer

August 2013
Robert & Claire Linder of Eagle Court

Claire & Robert move here in 1977, Claire does most of the planting herself both of them knew the challenge they would have ahead of them. Robert knew Claire could design a beautiful yard. She planted several trees to help stop soil erosion then planted plants that would tolerate our weather; she uses Pine Straw in place of mulch. The yard is surrounded with river rock and bordered by the beautiful gardens and slate walkway. You should see their yard. Claire is a Master Gardner this yard may give us all some ideas.

This beautiful yard found by Sara Bissig
Picture: Claire and Robert Linder
photo taken by Franklin Palmer

July 2013
Diane and Larry Berry of Huntsmans Horn

Diane and Larry Berry moved into their home on Huntsmans Horn three years ago, they knew they had a lot of work to do in order to make their yard look as nice as it does now. After all it was one of the worst looking yards on the block. Diane designed the yard with Larry's help and in three years the yard was done, Diane and Larry have planted a variety of flowers and shrubs, drainage was a problem at first but was easley solved. They transformed one of the worst looking yards into one of the most beautiful yards on Huntsmans Horn.

This beautiful yard found by Pat Goodpastor and Virginia Dellinger
Picture: Diane and Larry Berry
photo taken by Franklin Palmer

June 2013
Nora and Charles Palmore of Flowertuft Court

Nora & Charles Palmore have lived on Flowertuft Ct. for over 30 years. Charles is the nature lover and gardener in the family, but when he was no longer able to work in the garden all the neighbors on Flowertuft got together to help Nora create this beautiful yard consisting of magnolias, azaleas, variegated ginger, lantana, hibiscus, and holly. Two rabbit sculptures add to the whimsy of this lovely garden and she has river rock for drainage which flows all around her garden. What a wonderful gift Nora's neighbors gave her! It is a gift that gives every day.

This beautiful yard found by Pat Goodpastor and Virginia Dellinger
Picture: Nora Palmore
photo taken by Franklin Palmer

May 2013
Lois Barry of Green Blade Lane

Lois Barry lives on Green Blade Lane. She has been living in this house for 27 years, growing many different plants that would tolerate the shady areas she has. Some of her favorite plants and flowers are the fern, blue plumbagos, azaleas, lantana, caladiums and roses. Loise has moss rock and flagstone walkways with crushed granite which brings out the beauty of her yard. Lois does most of the work herself but sometimes gets assistance from her son, Dave.

This beautiful yard found by Pat Goodpastor and Virginia Dellinger
Picture: Lois with her dog Millie
photo taken by Franklin Palmer

April 2013
Scott and Linsey Mills of East Timberspire

Scott and Linsey have lived in their home for 22 years. And just love it.
Their front yard faces southeast and has full sun most of the day. They tried many different plants to see which ones would be the best. The main plants in their yard are Sago Palms, Wax leaf Ligustrum and Pittosporum and Nandina which adds Fall-Spring color. They have border rock around many of the platting areas which brings out the natural look. In spring they have Blue Bonnets, which re-seed themselves every year. In the summer they use Crape Myrtles, Firecracker Plants, Rose of Sharon, Knock-out roses, and a few perennials. Gardenias also add a bit of white and a nice fragrance when in bloom. Most of their plants came from seed, cuttings or transplants. It's always been a work in progress, they say.
The Mills take pride in their yard, not only for themselves but also for others to admire.

This beautiful yard found by Franklin Palmer
Picture: From left to right Scott Mills & Lindsey Mills
photo taken by Franklin Palmer

April 2012
June Hall of Timberspire Court

June Hall moved to The Woodlands in the summer of 2001 from Richardson Texas to be closer to her daughter and family. She bought her home on Timberspire Court. Amongst the many things done and changes made, she was bound and determined to make a beautiful yard for all of us to enjoy. June's home has a southern exposure, although the yard is heavily shaded by large pines and oaks common to The Woodlands the shade wasn't as hard as she thought it would be, she planted bamboo between her house and the neighbor's fence for privacy, and variegated ginger in front of it. Appreciating the summer's heat June has incorporated low maintenance natives such as beauty berry and Mexican petunia. She also uses asparagus fern for texture and ease of care. There are large Formosa azaleas by the front porch for color, June also has moss and bull rock for the borders of her garden. June told me beauty is not only in my eyes but in others.

This beautiful yard found by Franklin Palmer
Picture: From left to right June Hall & Franklin Palmer
photo taken by Cathy Motherwell

October 2011
Susan and Vince Giacona

Susan and Vince Giacona built their house in Wilding Estates in 2006, but they have been residents of The Woodlands for many, many years. Their blooming color changes with the seasons, but most of the other plants are mainstays. Complimenting the Mediterranean style home are Italian Cypress trees and large tropicals, such as sego palms. Large rocks, as well as a rock waterfall, adorn the landscaping as well. Susan and Vince are proud to call The Woodlands home. They have two boys, Evan a first grader and Taylor, whom they just sent off to college.

Left to right Franklin Palmer, Susan & Vince Glacona & son Evan,
George Van Horn, Jim Upham not shown
photo taken by Amy Van Horn

September 2011
Sandra McMillan

Sandra has been a resident of Grogan's Mill for twenty-six years. Having come from Virginia, the climate and soil are directly opposite. Sandra is so happy to tell us about her plants. Her trees are live oaks, Sycamores, Crape Myrtles, Japanese Maples, Kumquats, and Rose of Sharon. There are dwarf bottle-brush bushes, Star of Texas Hibuscis (red), yellow Hibuscus trees, Trumpets and Blue Plumbagoes. She also has an Unberella plant for the butterflies. The fragrant Rosemary flanks the walk along with dwarf Azalias, ferns and mundo grass leads to the water feature. She has put in a row of Vincia (or periwinkles) along the rock wall of the bed. Bright orange Ixana are scattered throughout. Lantana covers a sunny spot in the afternoon, and Nandinas sway under the trees adding red berries for color in the winter along with the Camellias.

She has learned a lot about Texas flowers and loves it here in The Woodlands. IT IS HOME! Stop by the median as you come in and rest on our beautiful bench. It has been dedicated to three of their long-time residents which they lost within one year of each other. In their memory, a white Rose of Sharon, home grown, flanks the other end of the median Inside you will find Iron Plants, Elephant Ears, Wax Myrtles, Foxtail ferns and lots of mulch to keep them cool.

Left to Right: Franklin Palmer, Matt Beasley, Sandra McMillan, Jim Upham.
Matt Beasley, Grogan's Mill Area Representative, found this beautiful yard.
photo taken by Anne Upham

August 2011
Millie Wing

Millie Wing moved to Grogans Mill in 1980 and over the next few years developed a passion for gardening and the beauty of plants and lush green lawns. She soon learned that gardening in Texas was quite different from the East Coast where she previously lived. Since the front yard is full sun most of the day, these plants have thrived throughout the summer heat: driveway/walkway/front windows are lined with alternating boxwood, pitosphorum, hawthorne, and large azalea. Flower beds are adorned with red and fucia vincas, yellow sunflowers, purple verbena, monkey grass, and yucca, with backdrop of knockout rose, verigated ginger, agapantha, heavenly bamboo, hawaiian ti, and red/green caladiums; viburnum bushes line the front fence. West rock bed is filled with dwarf bottle brush surrounded with red vincas. Congratulations' Millie for having such a beautiful yard.

Left to Right: Franklin Palmer, Matt Beasley, Millie Wing, Jim Upham.
Matt Beasley, Grogan's Mill Area Representative, found this beautiful yard.
photo taken by Anne Upham

July 2011
Charles and Lori Maurice

Charles and Lori Maurice arrived in Grogan's Mill in the summer of l998. They happily moved back to Texas from Arizona where the lawns were more rock than grass. Their front yard is well shaded and is filled with ferns, ginger and ornamental grasses, as well as begonias, lantana, day lilies, and knockout roses. Blooms appear from azaleas, rose sharon and a camellia bush.Charles' favorites. They recently added the rock edging and have enjoyed watching it all come beautifully together Congratulations.

Left to right: Franklin Palmer chairman, Lori Maurice, Jim Upham vice chairman.
Chris Wren, Grogan's Mill Area Representative, found this beautiful yard.
photo taken by Anne Upham


June 2011
Tom and Margaret Campbell
Coralvine Ct.

Tom and Margaret Campbell moved into their home in 1978. Margaret enjoys working in the different garden areas they have which are surrounded by moss rock, and their walkways have decretive pavers throughout. In different garden areas they have Azaleas, camellias, columbine, caladiums; of course several croalvine plants that climb up the trees. Tom does most of the heavy work planting with Margaret, she tells him where things will look the best when the plants mature and bloom. The whole yard is full of life. Their neighbor Bob says they plant and replant to get just the correct balance year around for everyone to enjoy. Congratulations Tom & Margret

Franklin Palmer, Tom Campbell, Jim Upham

This beautiful yard was nominated by Pat Goodpastor & Virginia Dellinger

May 2011
Luke and Harriett

Luke & Harriett have lived in their home for 5 years. They have red salvia, white begonia and coppertone ginger in their flower beds. The yard has hard landscaping paths so everyone can walk around without getting muddy. They also have red maple and red oak trees as well as several tropical trees. In the front entry way, Harriett has put juniper holly with an assortment of other plants for balance. Additionally, they have moss rock borders around each flower bed. This yard makes us all proud of the hard work Luke & Harriett have done in their yard. Congratulations Luke and Harriett.

This beautiful yard was nominated by Jim Upham

April 2011
Jan Cummings
South Morningwood

Jan Cummings has been living in the Grogan's Mill area for 16 years last winter took a toll on their yard, Jan is redesigned her yard and looking forward to watching it develop over the coming years. Jan's yard has several rock borders with many plants like Roses,Texas sage, Geraniums, Foxtail Fern and several Sago Palms and many trees. Congratulations to Jan.

Beautiful yard found by Franklin Palmer, Stan & Ellen Ericksen